Molecular Astrophysics: The HERSCHEL and ALMA era (Consolider-Ingenio ASTROMOL)

Jefe de proyecto:

Consolider-Ingenio ASTROMOL encompasses leading scientists in Laboratory Spectroscopy, Molecular Physics, Chemistry, and Astrophysics to work together towards a common goal: the understanding of the Molecular Universe. The identification of species in the insterstellar medium requires direct comparison of the observed frequencies of emission or absorption lines with spectroscopic measurements of known species in a controlled laboratory experiment. Several key topics in the areas of molecular complexity in space as well as the chemistry of planetary and star-forming regions will be addressed:

  • Water vapour in the Universe
  • Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen chemistry
  • Deuterated molecules
  • Chemical complexity
  • Molecular ionisation and photodissociation
  • Molecular tracers of shocks
  • Interstellar dust grain chemistry

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