SEMINARY 07-09-2016. Giants in the darkness: Peeking into the expansion

By Miguel Urbaneja, from Innsbruck University.

Day: September 7th, 2016
Hour: 12:00
Venue: Auditorio del Centro de Astrobiología (CSIC-INTA)
Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial
Ctra de Ajalvir, km 4
28850 Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain.

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Title: Giants in the darkness: peeking into the expansion

Abstract: After a relatively quiet and peaceful period regarding the interest in measuring the current expansion rate of the universe, recent determinations of the Hubble constant H_0 by alternative methods (local versus cosmological) bring us back in time almost 50 years, to a period informally referred in the field as the epoch of the “Hubble Wars”. Whilst the values obtained by the different approaches are not far apart, the difference is well beyond the extremely low uncertainties that are being claimed. This has tremendous implications for our current understanding of the universe. The situation clearly demands a fresh look into the problem of distance determinations in the local universe.
After introducing the current situation, I will discuss our endeavours to systematically investigate the distance ladder.


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